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Lighting Design

With keeping the Mess Food Hall design elements, we used the focal element as inspiration in the design and creation of the new staircase space. Our task was to design a new, interesting and creative experience with a modern twist, created with the goal to make staircase as a main focal piece in the hall space. This new lighting design scheme relies on the fiber optic technology to create a barrier while having multiple other functional and visual uses. This Modern design will allow us to inverse the usage of the mesh.
During the daytime, the mesh works as a dark element and prevents excessive sunlight from entering while creating interesting shadow silhouettes from the mesh pattern of the fiber optics. However, during the night, the LED lights inside the window frame would be turned on and thus brighten up the mesh and providing light for the staircase. This design attracts people to come into space and circulate through it with an illusion providing experience. To have harmony among the material we chose frosted glass for stairs with LED strips at the side of them to bright them up. This directs the circulation pattern of the space for the guests and also allures them to go upstairs.

Date: Winter 2019