Retail Design

Re-designing 2733 Dundas St. W from Toronto's Junction, creating a retail space with a studio aspect in it. With keeping the junction and neighborhood roots, we used the focal element as inspiration in the design and creation of the new retail space. Our task was to design a fun, playful and creative environment with a modern twist, created with the main goal to be a crafty circulation orientated experience of its own.

Simple patterns and smooth colors are used in the retail space in an effort to emphasize colorful products and attract customers ' attention. This Modern design will allow someone to go through a variety of colors and find a moment of fun.  As the main goal for fiber arts studio is to provide a unique experience, the organization station is located in the middle of the retail that allows full circulation from the entrance to the end. This will allow for different use of the space throughout the craft store and a displaying of artworks. Two trial areas are located on each side of the station, to provide customers with more information, another use of the main piece is to have access to the cashier which is located in the center of the space. As the goals of the studio, there is a craft class on the second floor. All elements that were used in creating the fiber arts studio were used in an effort to make a very fun and practical experience. Fabric artwork pieces are also displayed on the first floor as it helps to encourage customers to buy the products or register for craft classes. 

Date: Winter 2019