283 Harbord St

With the increasing amount of wall murals throughout the city of Toronto, SKETCH wanted to create a new program as well as a new studio specifically for wall murals. Having a designated space specifically just for studios of SKETCH, they also wanted the residential to be connected to their organization. Since SKETCH focuses on programs for homeless youths and on the margins, they wanted the residential to be designed for low-income families that can have a place they can call home.
With the new studio and new program, SKETCH wanted to introduce the youths into wall mural / mural paintings but creating this new studio along Harbord Street. The design goal for the new site is to make the interior and exterior to look humble and hospitable for attendees to meet their level of comfort as well as to feel to connection with the community. 
Residents in that site however, the goal is for residents to also connect with the community. Being located on the busy streets of Harbord Street, we want the residents to feel relaxed and at home by creating spaces the uses materials to minimize the noise of the busy community and for them to also enjoy as much natural light as they can.

Date: Fall 2019